Thinking of joining us for Sunday Worship at Beacon? Wondering what you can expect?



Our Sunday Worship is a time to gather together, from all over James Bay and elsewhere in Victoria, not for entertainment, but for worship. It's not about us; it's about God. But we gather together as friends, making sure to show hospitality to guests. Childcare will be provided (optional) for kids who are younger than school age. But school age kids are invited to worship together with us. We understand that some kids will fidget, and be unused to sitting for an hour. That's okay. Our church is family friendly. If there is anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable, please let us know.



We hold to historic Christian beliefs, so we have a time of singing, Bible preaching, prayer and Bible reading, but it is our commitment to ensure that our guests feel safe. So you won't hear anyone condemning people who don't yet know or agree with the Bible. The preaching will teach with integrity what the Bible teaches about all kinds of things, but will do this in a gentle and respectful way. We assume that the very people God is reaching out to through our church have diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. All are welcome to come and explore the Christian faith without the pressure to have to agree or conform.



Beacon's services are "guest friendly" but nonetheless centred around a high view of the Bible's authority as God's Word to humankind. We believe the Bible is God's means of introducing Himself to people, healing broken and hurting people and adopting spiritual children through the Good News it contains about Jesus Christ. We believe that no one is any better than anyone else, but that all of us have the same profound need for the grace God offers us through Jesus. This, above all, is the basis for real unity when people get together to worship. 



So come, find a safe place as our guest to explore and discover who Jesus is, why he came and what it means to follow him. Come as you are: don't worry about whether you have the right clothes or anything like that. Please don't deliberately dress for "shock value"--but relax because most of us will be pretty casual about what we wear. 

Don't worry about when to stand up, or sit down, what to say, or sing, or pray in the service. A Bible will be provided you when you arrive, and we will tell you what page we are reading from. Words for the songs will be displayed on screen. But you don't have to sing or pray if you don't want to. And please don't feel like we are asking you for money. We don't expect our guests to help with the costs of running a church. 

We just hope you will join us, come with an open mind, and we pray that what you hear from the Bible will be a welcome surprise!