How to give to the work of Beacon Communities?


First, if you are a guest and not a regular attender or committed member of the church, then we invite you to continue coming and getting to know us without any obligation at all. Wouldn't it be weird to invite someone over to your home for supper and then expect them to help with the rent? We feel the same way about our church. We just want you to feel at ease and enjoy exploring the Christian faith as a guest of Beacon Communities!


On the other hand, if you are a committed member or strongly feel as a Christian that you would like to help with the costs of starting a new church in James Bay, please keep reading.


Our total annual costs, including hall rental for Sunday services, salaries, community events, and operating expenses, is approximately $107,000. 


At Beacon Communities, we believe God has been generous in giving us so much through Jesus. We encourage followers of Jesus Christ to respond with generosity to help spread this news. 


Giving online

To make a tax-receiptable, online donation, click this link to visit the donation page provided by our denomination for our church to receive secure, online donations.

(Note that our church is located in Victoria BC, but the address on the donation page is given as Winnipeg because that's where our denomination's national office is.)


Pre-authorized Cheque Payment

Download and print this form, fill it out and mail it with a void cheque to the address provided.


Mobile Payment

From your smartphone, you can send the text, "beaconcommunities" to the phone number 77977. Then you will receive a reply with a link to set up an account and make your first donation. The first time you do this will take a few minutes because we need your address information so that we can send you a tax receipt. After the first time, once you have an account set up, making a donation will be quick and convenient.

You can also download the Pushpay app by following the Android or Apple links at the bottom of the donation page link above.


Mailing a cheque

To mail in an old-fashioned cheque, please make your cheque payable to "Beacon Communities" and mail it to:

Beacon Communities
2039 Lowe Road
North Saanich, BC
V8L 4N2

Tax receipts will be mailed to you in time for your annual tax return, using the address you provide while making your donation.