01-Oct-2017|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:5|Series: Standing When Your Faith is Shaken

27-Aug-2017|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: Psalm 31:14-24|Series: Summer in the Psalms

06-Aug-2017|by John Leusink|Scripture: Esther 8-10|Series: Miscellaneous

02-Jul-2017|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: Psalm 27:1-14|Series: Summer in the Psalms

25-Jun-2017|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: Psalm 26:1-12|Series: Summer in the Psalms

04-Jun-2017|by Matt Menzel|Scripture: Matthew 6:5-15|Series: Miscellaneous

16-Apr-2017|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: John 29:24-31|Series: Easter Sunday

19-Mar-2017|by B.K. Smith|Scripture: James 1:1|Series: Miscellaneous

08-Jan-2017|by Jeff Candell|Scripture: Genesis 1:1|Series: Miscellaneous