SERMONS - 2022

18-Sep-2022|by Jeff Candell|Scripture: Philippians 4:8-9|Series: Miscellaneous

21-Aug-2022|by Josh Darsaut|Scripture: Luke 9:51-56|Series: Miscellaneous

14-Aug-2022|by Rey Becada|Scripture: Psalm 100|Series: Miscellaneous

05-Jun-2022|by Rey Becada|Scripture: Matthew 7:1-6|Series: Miscellaneous

29-May-2022|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: John 17:1-26|Series: The Trinity

15-May-2022|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: Luke 24:44-53|Series: The Trinity

08-May-2022|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20|Series: The Trinity

17-Apr-2022|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:12-34|Series: Easter 2022

10-Apr-2022|by Rey Becada|Scripture: Psalm 2|Series: Miscellaneous