Half the Gospel is Just News
10-Nov-2013|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: Mark 2:18-22|Series: Meeting Jesus in Mark's Gospel
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If you go by what many people think the Christian message is, it is hard to see why Jesus would call it, "Good News". Many churches have a reputation for hypocrisy and rule-keeping that doesn't seem very attractive--that's not what Jesus taught. Other Christians might seem to outsiders to be sentimental and superficial, without much substance--that's not what Jesus taught either. This Sunday as we look at the next portion of Mark's Gospel, we will see that only the whole "Gospel" of Jesus is really "Good News"--half the Gospel is just news! The message Jesus preached, if we take the time to hear it, is really good, for everybody. Join us tonight at Beacon Communities for the next sermon in our series, "Meeting Jesus in Mark's Gospel".