Our Faith In God
08-Sep-2013|by Rod Wilkinson|Scripture: Genesis 15:1-6|Series: What Do We Believe?
For two thousand years, evangelical Christians have been notable for the central claim that what God requires from all of us in order to be reconciled to Him and forgiven our sin is simply faith in Christ--apart from works of the Law. As Paul wrote in Romans 3:28, "For we hold that one is justified by faith apart from works of the Law." This controversial good news is the special focus of many of the criticisms from both Jewish and Roman Catholic scholars, among others. This Sunday, as we continue our sermon series from Genesis, "What Do We Believe?", guest preacher, Pastor Rod Wilkinson will lead us in a discovery of just how ancient this evangelical doctrine really is. Join us as we celebrate the wonderful truth that the "Good News" of "justification by faith alone" is even older than the Law of Moses and Judaism--it goes all the way back to Abraham!