A Case of Mistaken Identity
23-Feb-2014|by Joe Haynes|Scripture: Mark 5:21-43|Series: Meeting Jesus in Mark's Gospel
More than a few times I've had the opportunity to describe to someone what the Bible says about God only to hear a response like, "That's not the God I believe in...", or "I just find that hard to believe..." Which of course opens up other questions: does the truth about God's identity in some way depend on what we believe the truth to be? (But of course that's not logical.) Or, does getting some benefit from God depend on us first arriving at an accurate understanding of what God is like? (And that seems to be a problem if we need Him to help us, or enable us, to come to learn about God in the first place--it's a paradoxical contradiction!) But then, does it matter if we get God's identity right? Well in Mark 5 there is a story that includes two shorter stories about two people who met Jesus and came away from the encounter with far more than they expected. In fact, Mark writes this passage almost as if to say, "Come to Jesus and ask him for what you really need, but when you meet him, prepare to have your mind blown by how much bigger he is than you thought!" 
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