Privacy Policy of Beacon Church

Privacy Policy & Consent Form: 

1. Accountability:

A privacy officer has been appointed to ensure the church's compliance with applicable privacy legislation; to ensure that the church protects all personal information held or transferred to third party for processing; develops, implements and maintains on-going personal information policies and practices, as well as trains staff and volunteers for compliance.


2. Identifying purposes:

The church may request personal information from you for the following reasons:

• To contact you about the activities and events of the church

• To allow affiliated organizations to contact you about their activities [N/A]

• To allow other members and adherents of the church to contact you

We will obtain your consent before using your personal information for any new purpose.


3. Consent:

The church requires your written consent to use the personal information that we collect from you as described in item 2 above until you revoke such consent. 


4. Limiting collection, use, disclosure, and retention:

We will not collect your personal information indiscriminately; and we will not deceive or mislead you about the reasons for collecting your personal information. We keep your personal information as long as necessary to satisfy the purposes described in item 3. We will not destroy or make anonymous your personal information unless you request so because that would prevent us from contacting you in the event of a reunion celebration.


5. Accuracy and Safeguards:

We will endeavor to minimize the possibility of using incorrect information. We will protect your personal information against loss or theft; safeguard the information from unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification; and we will protect personal information regardless of the format in which it is held.


6. Openness and Individual access:

This document is our notification to you about our privacy policies. You may refer to it at any time at which also includes a list of the affiliated organizations which we have information-sharing arrangements with. Upon request in permitted situations, you may arrange to confirm and correct your personal information in our records in writing.


7. Recourse:

In the event of a dispute with an Officer of the church over the handling of your personal information the Beacon Task Force/Board of Elders will promptly investigate all complaints received and take appropriate measures.