Saturday Jan 13, 2018    6:30pm
Questioning Evolution

Everyone is welcome to our free, public event, 

Questioning Evolution

6:30pm Saturday, January 13 at the James Bay Community School Centre, 140 Oswego Street, Victoria BC.

Featuring Thomas Bailey from Creation Ministries International.

Mr. Bailey will be giving two talks during the evening:

  • How do you know? Who was there? - questioning the evidence for Evolution in light of the scientific method
  • A flood of evidence - exploring some of the up to date physical evidence for "Noah's Flood"
  • There will also be a time for Questions and Answers from the audience

There is no charge for this event, but a collection will be taken to help us cover the costs of the evening. 

A wide variety of resources (books, DVDs, etc.) will be available for purchase from Creation Ministries International.

More information on the ministry of CMI can be found at their website,